Dental Braces Treatment


Dental Braces Treatment

Dental braces are a dental procedure in which brackets are bonded to the teeth, wires are then passed over the brackets to straighten the teeth, fill in any gaps, and prevent closure disorders by guaranteeing proper synchronization of the lower and upper jaws.
Why are dental braces recommended?
Crowding: One of the most frequent conditions for which patients need braces is crowding. This problem happens when the teeth overlap. Patients express dissatisfaction with the condition in terms of both aesthetics and health. Crowding is a condition that can be addressed with dental braces treatment.
Overbite: An “overbite” is a condition in which the upper jaw protrudes ahead of the lower jaw. The upper and lower jaws disynchronize as a result of this circumstance. For its treatment, dental braces are necessary.
Underbite: The term “underbite” refers to a condition in which the lower jaw protrudes ahead of the upper jaw. Because of this condition, patients experience closure dysfunction, causing difficulties with daily activities such as eating and communicating. For its treatment, braces are necessary.

Openbite: People who have this ailment have a gap between their lower and upper jaws when they laugh, which causes them to have numerous eating and speaking difficulties. If left untreated, patients develop a tendency of thrusting their tongue. For its treatment, braces are necessary.
Intermittent teeth: Some people may have gaps between their teeth, which can lead to a number of issues in terms of both health and appearance. The presence of spaces between teeth can cause food residues to accumulate on the gums, resulting in the formation of plaque and tartar. Dental b races can be used to treat spaces between teeth.

Dental Braces types; vary according upon tooth problem and material. Metal braces, porcelain translucent braces, lingual braces, and wireless orthodontics are the four different types of braces. Our dental specialists at Doctor Bayar Clinic inform you about dental braces treatments based on your needs and preferences.

Like with many dental operations, orthodontics (braces) should only be performed by trained professionals because oral and dental health are crucial for the overall health of our bodies. At Doctor Bayar Dental Clinic, our specialist dentists provide orthodontic (braces) procedures in a high-quality, sanitary manner. Fill out the form on our website to contact us or visit the Doctor Bayar Dental Clinic.

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