Dental Calculus Removal

Dental Calculus Removal

Dental calculus occurs when food particles accumulate and create deposits on people’s teeth who do not consistently brush and floss their teeth. Plaque and tartar are terms used to describe this residue. Tartars can be brown, white, or yellow in color. Individuals who have dental calculus may cover their mouths when laughing since they think that it makes them seem unattractive. Tartar can also contribute to poor breath.

What is dental calculus removal?

Dental calculus removal is the procedure used to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line. The dentist uses a specialized tool to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth without causing any damage.

• The dentist uses a specialized tool to begin the tartar cleansing process. In some circumstances, the dentist may also use laser technology.
• Following the removal of plaque and tartar, the teeth and tooth surface are polished.
• Following scaling and polishing, the dentist educates his patients on fundamental oral and dental health in order to prevent the formation of new plaque.

Teeth cleaning provides a number of advantages for both oral health and appearance:
• Tartar removal improves the health of teeth and gums.
• Aesthetic improvements to teeth and grin.
• Issues like tooth decay and loosening of the teeth are avoided.
• Teeth become more durable.
• Potential abscesses in the mouth are avoided.
• After removing tartar, teeth become whiter.
Since maintaining good oral and dental health is crucial for maintaining the basic health of our bodies, dental plaque cleaning should be carried out by qualified dental specialists. At Doctor Bayar Dental Clinic, our specialists provide dental calculus cleaning in a high-quality, hygienic way. Fill out the form on our website to contact us or stop by the Doctor Bayar Dental Clinic.

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