Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have been broken, cracked, or decayed using a variety of filling materials. More tooth loss is averted the sooner the injured tooth receives a filling.
What materials are dental fillings made of?
Gold: Gold filling is the most expensive of all dental filling materials. In accordance with the patient’s request, it is carried out in a laboratory setting. Gold fillings are durable and can shield the patient from a variety of tooth conditions.
Composite resin: Composite resin is one of the most popular filling materials among patients. This is because the colors of composite fillings are quite similar to the hues of natural teeth. Although it has an aesthetic advantage, its main disadvantage is that it lacks abrasion resistance.
Porcelain: Porcelain filling is another type of filling preferred by patients with aesthetic concerns. In order to prepare the missing tooth surface for the porcelain filling, a temporary filling is applied, and the patient’s teeth are measured for the porcelain tooth. The temporary filling is removed in the second session, and the porcelain filling from the laboratory is bonded to the patient with a specific adhesive.

Amalgam: Amalgram filling is one of the most affordable fillings. Amalgram fillings are silver in color and provide a high level of abrasion resistance. As a result, it is not favoured by patients who are concerned about their appearance.
In Doctor Bayar clinic, patients are informed about fillings and as a result of various examinations, determinations are made about which filling material is more suitable for the patient.

• A dental filling prevents the decay that develops in a broken tooth from spreading further.
• It restores and reconstructs the tooth structure.
• Strengthens the damaged tooth.
• Since dental fillings match the color of the teeth, they appear natural rather than artificial.
• It stops the teeth from acquiring further wear.

Dental fillings, like many other dental operations, should be carried out by professionals because oral and dental health are crucial for the overall health of our bodies. At Doctor Bayar Dental Clinic, our specialized dentists provide high-quality, hygienic tooth filling operations. Fill out the form on our website to contact us or visit the Doctor Bayar Dental Clinic.


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