Smile Makeover/Hollywood Smile

Smile Makeover/Hollywood Smile

What is smile makeover?

Smile Makeover/ Smile Design process aims to plan and design the person’s best and most proportional smile, taking into account the person’s facial features, gender, age, tooth color, size, and health.

Smiling has been one of the basic needs throughout human history. Smiling basically reflects the self-confidence of individuals and their communication with their social environment. A healthy smile allows a person to communicate more easily with his environment and to have a positive effect on this environment. As dentists, we work by combining art and Biology in almost all of the restorations we perform; however, in aesthetic applications such as smile design, the art aspect is even more prominent. At this point, the doctor’s aesthetic eye perception, technical knowledge, ability, and experience are critical in achieving the best treatment outcome.

At the aesthetic dental clinic of Doctor Bayar, we recognize that a beautiful smile can open the door to countless new experiences and opportunities. The boost in confidence is frequently remarkable. It is true that our smile makeovers services in Turkey can alter people’s perspectives on life.

Porcelain laminate veneers, composite bonding, dental whitening, dental implants, Gum contouring, and invisalign are some of the most commonly used methods in smile makeover.


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