Endodontic Treatment(Root Canal Treatments)

Endodontic Treatment(Root Canal Treatments)

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth, which are an important part of general health, can be damaged for various reasons over time. As a result of bad chewing habits or non-functional motions like bruxism, the teeth may develop deep cavities, sensitivity to hot and cold, and dental pulp damage. It is feasible to say that root canal treatment, which can be applied quite successfully with the modern techniques available today, can save even the most difficult teeth. In this article, we will explain what root canal treatment is, how it is done, and root canal prices in Turkey.

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A “root canal” is actually a dental part. The nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells are found in this hollow part of the tooth. The dental operation known as a root canal replaces a tooth’s damaged or infected pulp with a filling. Untreated dental decay, deterioration under a filling, trauma to the tooth, bruxism, and other conditions can all harm the pulp. The method is also referred to as endodontic treatment.

In dentistry, a procedure known as a root canal is frequently used to heal worn-down and damaged teeth by removing the tissue that resembles threads. The pulp is contained within this tissue. Since the tooth’s canals are cleaned as part of the procedure, this practice is known as a “root canal.”

The risk of infection is very significant if the pulp is left in place. In cases of infection, pus builds up in the jawbone and the tooth’s root, leading to an abscess. This pus gives the patient extremely painful symptoms and has the potential to spread far enough to harm the bone supporting the tooth. Therefore, it is necessary to remove pulp that has been harmed by root canal treatment.

First, everything in the root canal is taken out by the dentist. The dentist cuts a tiny access hole on the surface of the tooth while the patient is under local anesthetic, then uses tiny tools to remove the diseased pulp tissue.

The dentist then uses irrigation solutions and microscopic tools to clean, shape, and disinfect the hollow area. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like substance, and the root canals are completely sealed with adhesive cement. The tooth is dead after undergoing root canal treatment. The patient won’t feel any pain in that tooth anymore because the infection and nerve tissue have been removed. The patient shouldn’t bite or chew on the tooth until the crown or filling is finished. The person can use the tooth as previously after having a crown or filling placed.

Treatment often only requires one appointment, but if there are curved canals, multiple canals, or serious infections, it may require one or two more.

The condition of the teeth, and the details of the treatment to be applied to play a role in determining the root canal treatment prices. The only thing you need to do to find out the cost of a root canal treatment in Turkey is to book a free consultation and get in touch with Doctor Bayar Clinic. Our professional team will provide you with accurate cost details based on your needs.

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