Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Your smile has a significant impact on your looks. However, some dental problems can cause imperfections in your smile. Dental veneers are a simple and good option for people who want to improve their smile. They look like natural teeth. Several dental problems can be resolved with veneers. Continue reading our post to find out more information about this procedure and how it is done in Turkey. 

What are Veneers?

Custom-made covers for your teeth’s front surfaces are called dental veneers. They cover up stains, chips, cracks, and other visual flaws. One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures is veneer placement. Depending on what the patient wants to achieve specifically, there are different veneer varieties available.

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are a treatment in which thin porcelain layers of the desired color, size, and shape are attached to the surface of teeth with esthetic defects. Unlike crown treatment, this method does not necessarily require extensive preparation of healthy teeth. Typically, only a 0.3-0.5 mm thin surface of the enamel is removed to perform this treatment. A special bonding substance is used to attach previously prepared porcelain veneers to the surface. Because they are very thin, they allow light to partially penetrate them. As a result, teeth with veneers appear natural, and just like your own teeth.

These veneers are able to hide minor visual flaws. To create the desired effects, your dentist utilizes a tooth-colored composite resin, which is the same substance used for dental bonding.

No-prep veneers, like conventional porcelain veneers, are manufactured just for your smile. However, compared to conventional veneers, they require less enamel removal. It’s crucial to know that no-prep veneers still need some enamel to be removed. Not everyone should get no-prep veneers. You can consult your dentist to see if you are a candidate.

Anyone interested in improving the appearance of their smile can explore veneers. It’s important to remember that veneers are only a possibility if you don’t have severe cavities or gum disease. You should take care of any major oral health problems before looking into aesthetic procedures.

  • Closing diastemas, or interdental spaces, lengthening and reshaping teeth,
  • Treatment for fractured or chipped teeth
  • Patients who dislike the color of their antibiotic-discolored teeth and desire a permanent whiteness
  • Porcelain veneers can be used to treat slightly crooked teeth in patients who dislike their smile.

Depending on the condition of the teeth and the number of veneers, the duration of a particular appointment may change. Following the application of the patient’s gingival treatments, we usually complete the smile design procedure in 2 to 3 sessions.

Empress porcelain laminates and Emax full veneers are the same materials; however, in patients with less natural tooth tissue, in teeth with a large amount of filling, or in mouths with a lot of crowding, the enamel tissue may not be left in sufficient quantity for the application of porcelain laminate veneers; in these and similar cases, the restoration is done by covering the back surface of the teeth too and is called Emax full veneer.

If you are unsure about the outcome before beginning treatment, we can also provide DSD (digital smile design). In this procedure, we take digital impressions of your mouth and profile photographs, and then you can see a two-dimensional model of the result or get even more certain by placing a mock-up model of the acquired tooth model in your mouth and using it for several days until you are certain about it. In this way, the doctor and patient can use a 3D model to make changes and decide how the final aesthetic effect should look.

After the application of the veneers, you should continue with your regular oral and dental care. In just about all cases, there is no discoloration in the laminates, and if there is, it is superficial. These stains are easy to clean by dentists. We advise patients who have any restoration in their mouths to brush their gums at least twice per day and pay attention to their gum health.

Modern porcelain veneers are becoming thinner, so tooth carving is no longer necessary. It is a simple, quick, and painless procedure.

They transmit light at a rate very similar to that of natural teeth, and during application, the tooth preparation is kept to a minimum, meaning that the patient’s natural tooth loses minimal tissue as possible. This protects the enamel of the teeth, reduces post-operative sensitivity, and makes it simpler for patients to get used to their new teeth.

In practice, laminates do not have a complete lifespan, and those that are adequately compatible with oral and dental tissue can be used for 15 to 20 years, or even more, dAs a prosthodontist, I can say that if your dentist recommends you, you can have porcelain laminated restorations made and used with confidence. Depending on the expected lifetime of the teeth, gingival health, and patient care.

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